Making Progress for Mobile Filmmakers

Our mission and our goal has always been to create an industry for people all over the world to share their stories through the art of filmmaking using the most popular and most accessible mobile device available to the most people all over the world.


In the late Spring of 2009, we began to turn an idea from a vision into a reality for the benefit of human beings of any age anywhere in the world to earn the respect of the film industry by using their phones to shoot their films. Today, we are closer to realizing that goal. Our resources have surpassed a competition with our International Mobile Film Festival. Our website at presents many of our programs and resources.

Filmmakers MFF2017

International Mobile Film Festival 2017 Q&A Panel.

We began with the film festival and our mobile film school and last year in 2017, launched two new programs. The Global Mobile Film Awards™ and the SBP Podcast: The Voice Of Mobile Film. 


The 7th Annual Mobile Film Festival will take place April 28 & 29, 2018 in beautiful Marina Village Conference Center in America’s Finest City of San Diego. It will screen short films and a feature-length film shot with an iPhone and Hollywood actors. You may recognize some of them like Tim Russ from Star Trek Voyager and Lloyd Kaufman the founder of Troma Entertainment. The filmmaker, Brian McLane will present a lecture on how you too can make a movie for Hollywood using the phone you have right now. We interviewed him for the SBP Podcast and you can listen to the podcast and read more about it on our Podcast Blog.


Video interview of Brian Hennings filmmaker from Australia during #MFF2017SanDiego.

The Global Mobile Film Awards™ show took place in December 2017. You can also read more about it on the website. The films are nominated by member film festivals and they must be awarded official awards by the film festivals that nominate them to qualify. The Awards Ceremony has been dubbed the “Oscars” of the mobile film industry because it is not a film festival but it is the next course venue after winning awards from festivals. We realized there were many films winning awards in film festivals and we wanted to create a global best of the best award ceremony.

Open to All Film Festivals


We then realized that writing about filmmakers in our blogs and interviewing mobile filmmakers during our film festival and events was a great way to promote and publicize their achievements but something was lacking for the industry on both sides for the filmmakers and those who are involved in the mobile film industry, for those who are interested in mobile film and fans of the mobile filmmaking industry, and those who may need inspiration and information to get started or make better films with smartphones. The SBP Podcast is the voice of mobile film. Once a week, we share a new episode with the world which can be streamed or downloaded to listen to offline, in the car, exercising or while working in the office through iTunes Podcasts, Google Play and other podcast and radio platforms. Each episode is a conversation and includes some updates as we get closer to the festival. The podcasts each come with “show notes” which include links pertaining to the discussion and our guests.

SBP Podcast voice

We also provide a separate bonus podcast episode with each guest which is exclusive to patron subscribers on our Patreon page. Each bonus episode provides insights, tips and advice by our guests for our patrons. There are other benefits available to subscribers.

SBP Podcast Susy Botello with Aaron Nabus 120917JPG copy

Founder and host of the SBP Podcast Susy Botello (left) recording New Year’s Eve Special podcat episode 11, with Aaron Nabus in San Diego.

So what the heck is Patreon? Well, it’s a way to support creators who are creating things so that they can keep creating! If you like what we are doing and appreciate what we have been doing since we started then we really would appreciate your support.

As we embark on a new year in 2018 we look forward to growing the mobile filmmaking community. It’s going to be an awesome year and we hope you will be a part of it!

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