Smartphone Summer Filmmaking Dream

It all started soon after our International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego when on May first we rolled out the red carpet and held our awards ceremony for MFF2016.

MFF2016 27

The summer arrived so quickly after the festival that we hardly had time to take a breath. While many annual film festivals finish up their commitments and thank you’s to take a break, we were quickly jumping on to the next thing. We received an invitation to present a mobile filmmaking panel during Comic-Con International 2016 in San Diego on July 22nd. Wow! We were thrilled, to say the least.

Like any wise surfer we had to jump on the waves while they were high. So we grabbed our boards, I mean our smartphones, some gear and our presentation to head for Comic-Con for a week of fun! We invited Luis Juarez of IndieFone to come along as guest speaker during the panel. We presented “Capitan Justicia” from David Muñoz, who won MFF2014 and we filled up most of the room.


But wait, there is more! We were just about to breathe when we realized we had an All Ages Workshop coming up on August 12! Our workshops are not a simple class where we “teach” while students take notes. We show a film or two, we give a lot of information to the students and hold a Q&A…but then we do the fun stuff.

Our second portion of the workshop is spent in production. The students turn into a crew and we film using smartphones. It’s quite inspirational to see how much they enjoy feeling comfortable. One of our students was a teenager and he smiled so big I had to ask if he had ever handled professional production equipment before like a shotgun microphone. His answer was no but his smile was not going away as he explained what a thrill it was to actually run the mic during an interview shot with a smartphone camera.




So now that the summer is ending we are going through the videos we shot during the workshop and Comic-Con and we already edited a video for MFF2016. Time flies when you are having fun and it’s no joke that mobile filmmaking is a blast!

Sign up to be amongst the first to find out when we are holding our next Mobile Filmmaking Workshop so you too can experience it. One thing to note is that you don’t have to make a movie. You may have a business and want to make a promotional or corporate video for your company. Perhaps a commercial to add to your website or blog about your product or service. Maybe you are a non-profit organization or a charity with a need to make a video for funding depicting your work. Or hey, maybe you have a band and want to make some cool music videos and start a YouTube channel to promote on SoundCloud. Speaking of channels, are you a YouTube celebrity in the making? You can rock your videos making them with your smartphone and we can show you how.

How do you sign up? Simple. Just email us and let us know you want to be the first to find out about our next workshop. It only costs $60 for a workshop and if you are a student it will only cost you $40. Our workshops take place in San Diego and there is no problem parking in the parking lot.

©2016 All rights reserved. S. Botello Productions™

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