Red Carpet Meets Mobile Phone in San Diego

This year’s International Mobil Film Festival™ celebrates the third annual mobile media film festival in San Diego by S. Botello Productions, LLC on April 26 & 27, 2014.

Mobil_Film_Festival_Logo_121910 copy

A very exciting MFF2014 brings Max Schleser from our Mobile Film School from New Zealand to present a mobile filmmaking workshop during our event. Max is also presenting a mobile-mentary, Frankenstorm as part of our Community Stories program. We have a lot in store for our third annual film festival attendees! Ever since our very first film festival we have created event apps for attendees but this year we really kicked it up! We have two event apps Yapp and Guidebook for our event. They both include a link to watch a Live TV broadcast of selected sessions during MFF2014.

Not only are we featuring mobile films (films shot with only mobile phones) but we are going to broadcast it online and on your phones. Can we go even more mobile that that? Yes! We are including a QR code game on the Guidebook event app for all ages. A mobile film TV channel with the films from our previous film festivals and social participation opportunities throughout the event via the apps.

You can purchase tickets in the apps or on our website. Or simply, you can click here! Join our event on Facebook and interact, let us know you are coming and see how many of your friends are also coming to MFF2014. See you there!

© 2014. S. Botello Productions, LLC. All rights reserved.

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