Mobile Film Red Carpet in San Diego

How many times have you watched a movie, a music video or a documentary and thought to yourself, “I wish someone would tell my story like that.” Don’t wait for someone to notice you or your story to tell it. Now you have what you need in your pocket!

We created a venue for filmmakers and novices, dreamers and storytellers…anyone who is human and would like to showcase their talents, skills and films exclusively shot with mobile phones. Anyone any age from any background or experience regardless of who they know, don’t know or income can enter and submit a film free to our film festival.

Through global collaboration with other pioneers in this new industry of mobile filmmaking, we are providing a Mobile Film Resource Center in San Diego with global access to anyone and everyone around the world.

Watch a short video we hope will inspire you or someone you know, to realize their dream to make films. All they need is probably in their pocket or within reach. Click the image below to play the video.


Production Video Credits: Editor: David Brooks | Music: Jahzzar ( | Host: Susy Botello, Founder | Featured Filmmaker: Conrad Mess “The Fixer”

In Video Credits: Smartphone Filmmaker: Perry Dixon | Footage: Michael Koerbel’s “Apple Of My Eye” & “Pop Up Mobile Film” Event by SBP’s International Mobil Film Festival

Special thanks to all our supporters, collaborators, sponsors and followers.

© 2014 S. Botello Productions, LLC. All rights reserved.


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