Mobile Phone Film School & Film Festival in San Diego

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SBP brings mobile phone filmmaking to San Diego with the launch of its film school, exclusive to using mobile phones to shoot with. Thanks to our event sponsor Video Gear in San Diego for donating some equipment for our event.


Kicking off the school on February 14th & 15th, downtown San Diego, S. Botello Productions™ held a small small master class where students met and learned about making videos using their phones with with  Dr. Max Schleser, New Zealand’s Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa (MINA), as the school’s co-leader for SBP. The photo above is with Dr. Schleser instructing as student guest speaker Jeff Turboff (standing) and student Perry Dixon (sitting) learn from Max’s lecture. Conrad Mess, who is a multi-award winning inspiring global filmmaker is also leading the school as part of our team.

Jeff Turboff who entered this year’s film festival with a music video, “Fools Parade” by Trumpeter Swan, which he created using his mobile phone, was a guest presenter. Jeff is an award-winning freelance editor with credit on many major television networks. He is currently with ABC’s Nightline.

The school is currently planning more events in San Diego. The Mobile Film School (MFS) will present a workshop during SBP’s biggest event of the year, the International Mobil Film Festival in San Diego this April 27 & 28th.

The Mobile Film School by SBP is poised to bring experienced filmmakers a new way to film creatively and professionally. Our goal is to also provide training and support via online services, video tutorials, communication gateways and more. Inspiring everyone with a cell phone to tell stories by creating quality videos with mobile films is a big part our goal.


SBP supports artists and story-telling using mobile phones as a means to spark creativity and include everyone regardless of income, network and education by providing a venue in which to compete and showcase their work exclusively with mobile phones. Mobile film is gaining interest among many in society from professionals to the general public. Our goal is to incorporate it so that everyone can win from this opportunity.

The purpose of the film festival is not only to create interest and spark creativity in people of all ages with limited income or resources, but to actually inspire creative filmmakers to live to their potential and realize the opportunity to fulfill their dream.

Filmmakers on stage 042912

The opportunity is finally within anyone’s reach to create wonderful films and videos, and tell stories professionally and artistically. Never before has an entire generation around the globe been given access to the tools that allow them to create and produce the most artistic and sophisticated works of art and film with the same device they make or receive a call from “Mom.” Everyone in the world can theoretically record one minute around the entire globe at the same time. The photo above was taken during the awards ceremony at MFF2012, our commemorative film festival with filmmakers  (left to right) Caitlin Zimmer, Sarah Vincent, Jessica Gorman, Dukagjin Borova, RoseAnn Patricia Sky, Charley Miller (Behind RoseAnn), (children) Katia Sky & Quintin Sky, and Susan Botello (founder).

Join us. Be inspired. Be the first to hear about the future of filmmaking with smart phones around the globe and the resources we are working on to provide. The world is ready for the artist and the story teller in all of us to express our voice with style and flair and artistic form. Whether abstract or in form, Hollywood is innovating itself into the world of mobility. Mobil Film Festival is coming to you April 27 & 28, 2013…will you be there to experience the awe and be inspired?

Our sponsors for the International Mobil Film Festival in San Diego are Grossmont College & Red Giant.

MFF2013 will take place at Grossmont College, 8800 Grossmont College Drive, El Cajon, 92020 on Saturday, April 27, 11AM -7PM & Sunday, April 28, 11AM -6PM. We look forward to meeting you there.

If you would like to register to receive information about our next class, workshop or mobile film school event, sign up on the form below. We don’t share any information.

Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. S. Botello Productions™

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