Exclusive: Master Class & Mobil Film Festival Pre Screening Event

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Intro to Mobile Film in San Diego with Max Schleser on February 14 & 15, 2013

Our International Mobil Film Festival in San Diego by S. Botello Productions™ is forming the San Diego Mobile Film School with Conrad Mess of the award-winning The Fixer, Spain & Dr. Max Schleser of MINA.pro, New Zealand.


The class is to launch our school by introducing Dr. Max Schleser as one of our leaders in the mobile film school. Dr. Schleser comes to us from Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand and the project, Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa. Max, the curator of the International Mobile Innovation Screening 2011 & 2012, will show films from the New Zealand based film festival. Max will talk about “mobilementaries” (mobile documentaries) that he filmed in Japan, Saudi-Arabia, Russia & the Cook Islands.

Conrad Mess is also leader to our mobile film school and plans to be in San Diego this year. Mr. Mess is famed by The Fixer, which won a number of film festivals around the world, including the International Mobil Film Festival by S. Botello Productions™. Conrad has worked in Hollywood due to his mobile films and is an avid supporter of our mission to inspire filmmaking using cell phones. Stay tuned for an announcement about master classes by Conrad Mess in San Diego.

The Master Class & Mobil Film Festival Pre Screening Event Includes the Following

  • MFF2013 Pre Screening of MFF2012 films
  • Presentation of mobile films
  • Master Class by Dr. Max Schleser
  • Networking

Max Schleser

Master Class

Max will present and instruct on simple processes to use mobile phones for filming creative video projects, which will give you more control and better results.

We are hoping to inspire attendees to realizing the potential of filmmaking to everyone by using what they already have in their pocket: the cell phone. The films from MFF2012 will be presented as well during our prescreening of MFF2013 at the same location.

Watch the Video of MINA by Max Schleser.

This event will be limited to folks who RSVP by Register by 2/13/13. There is also a limit of seats & space.  We will try to accommodate everyone who registers by the deadline.

If you are interested in a business opportunity with the San Diego Mobile Film School, please register because we will be accepting applications on the day of the event. Of course, if you cannot be in San Diego, you may still email us at the following address and inform us of your interest with your contact information.

Email: register@sandiegomobilefilmschool.com

MFF2013 Pre Screen Event
A presentation of the films presented at the Mobil FIlm Festival last year. There are nine films not longer than 3 minutes. You will be greeted and you may inquire about the film festival event and share information about yourself if you would like to be a part of the film festival, school or any of our programs. All ages are welcome for most of the films, with parental supervision. 
The times will be aproximately every half-hour as a general loop between 10AM & Noon (times may be extended).
Cost $3 each attendee. Cash only at the door.
Mobile Film School Intro Master Class
Each Class will require you to bring a cell phone with video camera & a laptop or tablet to edit video with. You will be responsible for all personal items. More benefits to registration will be added at a later time.
Class Schedule – Thursday, February 14th: 10AM – 3PM / Friday, February 15th: 10AM – 3PM
Cost $60 Introductory price for everyone is $45 by registering before Register by 2/13/13.
Students from our partner and sponsor of the Mobil Film Festival will receive a considerable discount. Email us for details. This benefit is extended to all students at Grossmont College in El Cajon, due to the Collaboration Program with SBP and the Mobil Film Festival. 
*Tickets are available by invitation only. Please RSVP before January 31st. RSVP by emailing us so we can email you the invitation. There is a limit. Email: register@sandiegomobilefilmschool.com
Join us & let’s touch bases! We are here to support art and filmmaking and this is very exciting as we are moving forward with the San Diego Mobile Film School. 

Press News: Article by Smartmoviemaking.com on this event and the Mobile Film School Kickoff in San Diego.

If you need reservations please use the Mobil Film Festival – Global Discount Hotel Reservations on our website or here.

vg-logo136w This event is sponsored by Video Gear in San Diego. 
Join this event on Facebook to see which of your friends are going.
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