MFF 2012 Was A Blast!

The premier annual Mobil Film Festival was presented by S. Botello Productions™ on Saturday & Sunday, April 28 & 29, 2012 at Grossmont College.

Filmmakers who attended enjoyed networking with each other and attendees. They were honored by the walk on the red carpet to make it official. We are proud to have had the opportunity to honor the filmmakers who submitted their films with a red carpet, prizes, awards and the trophies.
We are now working on next years’ event to make it even better and bigger.

Congratulations to our winners for Mobil Film Festival 2012
First Place: Michael Koerbel, The Apple Of My Eye
Second Place: Luis Mieses aka Conrad Mess, The Fixer
Third Place: Julien Magnan, Fécamp, Normandie

Banner red white and blue 042812

Image above: Proudly displaying the red white and blue!

Food 042812

Image above: Food was good!

Cinema Room in Action shot 2 042813

Image above: The films.

The Rule Sara Presenting Cinema Room 042813

Image above: Q & A with Jessica Gorman, Filmmaker.

Everything is Money Workshop

Image above: Dukagjin Borova, Eveything Is Money, demos stop animation techniques using his cell phone.

Cinema Room in action w penny 042813

Image above: Watching The Fixer by Luis Mieses.

MFF2012 Trophies

Image above: The awards!

MFF2012 Filmmakers Ceremony 042912

Thank you to our sponsors, our supporters, our volunteers, Wiliam Snead of Grossmont College and all the filmmakers and their supporters. We did it! First annual Mobil Film Festival was a blast!

The Mobil Film Festival Event in San Diego on April 28 & 29, 2012

The List of Films showcased in Mobil Film Festival 2012

The premier annual Mobil Film Festival took place April 28 & 29, 2012 in San Diego, California.
We had eight films from around the world and local films. All the films were shot with cell phones. Most films were shot using iPhone 4. However, this film festival does not limit brands or makes and models of cell phones used.

Although some films were uploaded to a computer for editing, some used professional software for adding effects and correcting footage.

Of the three winning films, one was edited on the cell phone as well as shot on the cell phone. That film, Apple Of My Eye, submitted by Michael Koerbel, took First Place in the Mobil Film Festival.

The Fixer (shortened to meet criteria), submitted by Luis Mieses aka Conrad Mess, took Second Prize. The Fixer was also a great film that was shot on the cell phone and then treated with special effects on a computer.

Julien Magnan took Third Place with Fecamp, Normandie, also shot on a cell phone and then treated on a computer as well.

The Mobil Film Festival, which began on a Saturday, ended the following day with an award ceremony, following the famous walk on the red carpet. Each filmmaker & actors who attended the festival had their moment as they walked the red carpet cheered on by spectators who took their photo and shot video as well.

During the film festival, the filmmakers, crew and actors had a chance to network and enjoy their films on the big screen. They had a chance, each day, to present themselves after their films showcased and follow with Q&A from the audience. Every attendee had questions and was intrigued by the quality of the films showcased.

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